This is the story of us

Our story is one of determination and creativity. We’re inspired by our stunning nature, driven by our pioneering spirit and focused on our future.
Amongst these fertile lands and unspoiled coastlines – family, friends, neighbours and community really mean something. We’re in tune with the world around us, proud of our heritage, and excited about what we offer anybody who chooses to live, work and play here.
Some call what we have “the simple life”. We just call it life. And the more time you spend getting to know us, the more you’ll understand why we wouldn’t trade it for anything else.
When you arrive in our part of the world, you’ll find the warmest of welcomes. We’re a new generation with big ideas, and the kind of can-do attitude that’ll turn them into reality – if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in alongside us, we can do anything.


This is a region where people and ideas have the freedom to flourish, as we welcome old and new with open arms and hearts.
Our identity is grounded in our values. Based on a warm welcome, with a sense of resourceful and down-to-earth realness.
These core elements form our brand toolkit and help create a memorable, authentic brand for the Gympie Region.
The toolkit includes our logos and colour palette, typography,  photography, infographic styles and graphic device.


Our logo is a simple type lockup that feels wrapped up in an embrace and is inspired by the warm welcome of the people of the Gympie Region.

Our colour palette is earthy, warm and inspired by the natural surrounds of the Gympie Region.

Our fonts have personality and are a mix of friendly and rustic sans serifs. These type styles are modern and legible.

Our photography is made up of two tiers: Hero golden moments and the more literal, supporting imagery.
The logo device and graphic device have been created to allow for identifiable headers and a sense of consistency, for use across all collateral, where possible.
Put this altogether and you have a real sense of what the Gympie Region is all about.



The story of us was inspired by our community and is owned by our community. If you would like to create beautifully consistent Gympie Region collateral - that stands out for all of the right reasons - simply get in touch.
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