You can take comfort in the fact that when you buy a Barenuts product, not only are you buying a quality product made fresh at the farm just for you, but a whole lot of love and whole lot of passion has gone into every nut, ball and bite because Farmer JoJo & Farmer Mick love their job! Not only do they get to live on a beautiful farm, but they get to watch these beauties grow everyday while creating tasty wholesome treats!

Barenuts is dedicated to creating delicious macadamia-based alternatives and instilling lifelong healthy eating habits through our selection of nutritious macadamia products. We hope you enjoy munching on our nuts, oil, butter, bites and balls as much as we love growing, creating and bringing them fresh from our orchard to your door.

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45 Talegalla Drive Talegalla Weir Qld 4650