There is a place which exists where time, can stand still.

 Where your phone can go down, and your eyes can look up.

There is place, not far from you, where things go a little slower. A place where you can take your time.   

This place has a history. A deep, colourful history. This place has a story which, is progressive as it is traditional. 

This place has an experience on offer like no other. This experience will make you rethink the past. It will make you wonder why everything now has to be so complicated. 

This place is the Gympie region and there you will find one of the finest heritage rail experiences in the country.

The Mary Valley Rattler is a restored steam locomotive and transports passengers weekly through the iconic and picturesque Mary Valley to Amamoor, from the Old Gympie Station. 

The journey is a sensory affair. As you meander your way through the region you will feel the wind in your hair and the soot in your eyes. You will smell the distinctive steam from the burning coal as it powers you onto your destination.

You will hear the thumping pistons and the rattling of carriages and you will taste the delights of the valley which is known the food bowl of the region and produces some of the best gourmet produce in the state. 

This is a special experience. One that can’t be replicated. And, it’s in your backyard.

The Mary Valley Rattler and the Gympie Region. You’re welcome.