Picture this. You’re famous. Everywhere you go you’re mobbed by hundreds of adoring fans. Your life is a constant flash of cameras and interviews; but, you’re beautiful, you’re rich and you’re so in.

You need a break from the glitz and the glamour. Life in the fast lane is hard, you need a place to go. A place that’s as beautiful as you are. A place to take your beautiful family, a place like no other. 

You may think that this is an impossible scenario but for Hollywood heartthrobs Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon a holiday to the famous coloured sands of Rainbow Beach, in the Gympie Region was just what the doctor ordered.

In recent times the Hemsworth’s and Damon’s have frequented Rainbow Beach. They’ve kayaked on the blue water, sipped coffee at local café’s and they’ve played in the surf while groups of horse riders trotted happily by.  

Did you know last year Rainbow Beach was voted number 1 in the top 15 Beautiful hidden-gem small towns in Australia?

The quaint coastal shops and indoor/outdoor dining or fish and chips on the beach at sunset, the fresh air, fresh food and lots of fresh holiday ideas are what Rainbow Beach is all about.

It’s why Hollywood royalty visit. Not because it’s trendy but because it is real!   

There’s more to the Gympie Region then you might think.

You’re welcome.